The time has finally come for your kitchen remodel!

With the great new kitchen renovation components and products available these days, you have surely been compiling a big list of things to include to create the most useful and comfortable kitchen possible.

Are these functional ideas on the list?

Before finalizing that kitchen remodeling plan, make sure these excellent features get included!

1. Functional, Easy-Reach Cabinetry

No matter how much or what kind of cabinetry one has in their kitchen, everyone experiences the same issue: difficulty reaching the whole space.

Fortunately, the problem of reaching the back of the low cabinets or the tops of the high cabinets can be easily resolved during a kitchen remodel by adding in easy-reach cabinet inserts.

Useful slide-out drawers in lower cabinets and pull-down shelves in upper cabinets give you full use of these spaces and an easy way to access it all.

2. Roll-Out Hideaway Pantries

Whether kitchen space is limited or you simply need a way to organize spices and other food items, adding a roll-out hideaway pantry or two to the kitchen renovation is the perfect solution.

Cabinet height pantries near the stove add convenience to cooking, while full-height pantries easily hold as much as an entire cabinet, leaving that space for other things.

Roll-out pantries make efficient use of those little spaces between cabinets and appliances that seem wasted or can be easily designed when remodeling a kitchen that adds new components.

A useful pantry can be rolled into as little as six inches of space to create a more efficient and functional kitchen.

3. Task and Overhead Lighting

Bright lighting is essential in the kitchen, though sometimes hard to achieve in spaces with many wall cabinets positioned over the workspaces.

A simple, low-cost kitchen remodel solution to shed more light in the whole room is to add overhead countertop lighting.

By using either light pendants installed as task lighting over the countertop or under-cabinet lighting fixtures or strips, all that counter space can be brightened up to be more useful and more attractive.

4. Multi-Height Countertop Work Surfaces

Kitchen countertops are usually all the same height.

Ergonomically, there are different tasks that should be performed at different heights.

When also considering the fact that kitchens have evolved into important multi-purpose household spaces, including counters of varying heights in the kitchen renovation can increase its utility even more.

It will also make certain spaces safely reachable by kids and less of a strain for older people as well.

5. Durable, Non-Slip Flooring

Beautiful flooring in the kitchen is a must these days, especially if your kitchen opens up into larger common spaces in the house like a family room or dining area, yet some flooring is better than others for use in the kitchen.

Choose flooring for your kitchen remodeling project that can withstand spills, dropped utensils, and hot things while also preventing slipping.

Tile is attractive, durable, and has enough of a fine texture that it prevents slipping.

Genuine hardwood flooring behaves the same and has a natural grain to prevent slipping.

On the other hand, laminate and marble floors are more slippery.

Add More Function To Your Kitchen Today

A kitchen remodel should address appearance, functionality, and utility to be a worthwhile investment.

While new appliances and updated cabinetry are obvious kitchen renovation choices, it is many times the overlooked details that can make the biggest difference.

Increase the utility of the most important room in the house by incorporating these useful ideas into your kitchen remodeling plan!

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