Real estate has been on fire this year and though it has meant higher selling prices for some, it also means others are being priced out of the buyer’s market.

Many of these homeowners are choosing whole home makeovers instead, to turn their existing spaces into better, more comfortable ones.

Whole home remodeling can solve many space and utility issues when addressed the right way, while increasing value at the same time.

Before jumping in with both feet, homeowners reaching out to home makeover contractors should understand these three important considerations to make the best remodeling decisions.

1. Whole Home Makeovers Involve Thought, Research, and Patience

A whole home makeover is a much bigger and more expensive project than just remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.

Knowing this, homeowners interested in refreshing their entire homes must go about it the right way, starting with investing a good amount of time in deep thought and important research.

Without a doubt, it is essential to know the types of changes that are desired in whole home remodels before signing on the dotted line.

Homeowners should spend the time they need researching all aspects of their ideas, from material types and floorplan ideas to costs and overall financial investments as well as considering how today’s supply chain issues might affect their plans, too.

For any whole home makeover contractor to succeed in creating the home makeover solution that will really work for a customer, that customer has to already have a good idea of what they need and want for the planning to begin.

Ultimately, it all involves exercising great patience to sit on these ideas and consider the different challenges, working through them properly for homeowners to come away with a highly suitable plan.

2. Remodeled Homes Are Worth More Right Now

Though many homeowners are choosing whole house makeovers as a more feasible option over selling and attempting to buy in the current real estate market, houses with extensive remodels are definitely selling for more.

The reason for this is simple.

Because all real estate is selling for more including the houses that still need home remodeling, buyers are increasingly willing to spend a little more on the ones that are already done.

Move-in ready houses that require no additional work are gaining additional value through higher demand.

While real estate prices remain this competitive, remodeling a whole house could actually be an investment that provides homeowners the chance to sell for even more if they take the time to remodel first.

3. Whole Home Remodels Require Funding, Resources, and Planning

Finally, homeowners considering working with home remodeling contractors must understand that this type of project can be expensive, costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the remodeling.

Not only is it essential to work out a whole home makeover plan that addresses wants and needs, homeowners must have the assets to fund that project as well as the associated resources that may be required, like a temporary place to stay during the heavier work.

Good project planning beyond the actual design plan is essential.

Understand Whole Home Remodeling Complexities To Get It Right

Many people dream of doing massive whole home remodels with their older, smaller, and outdated homes and with the right forethought and good planning, that can be a reality for some.

The most important factor is knowing for sure what changes are desired, then discussing them with an experienced contractor.

Together, homeowners and whole home remodel contractors can work together to come up with a design, a budget, and then a project plan to make it all happen!

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