If thinking about a bathroom renovation, a good place to start a project like this is by checking out the latest bathroom trends.

You may already have some thoughts on what appealing designs and colors; however, there are some great bathroom reno ideas available to also consider.

Here are a few exciting ideas to look at and discuss with a renovation contractor who can turn that plain washroom into a luxurious spot for pampering and comfort!

1. Designer Tiles

A bathroom renovation including designer tiles that create patterns or their own artwork offers great ways to turn an ordinary space into a more luxurious one.

Ceramic tile used to create focal points and accents is a growing trend as are oversized tiles to create pattern through shape.

Stack bond tile and colored subway tile are particular favorites right now.

2. Spa Tubs and Open Showers

Replacing the old bathtub with an oversized dream spa tub or soaking tub is a trend that bathroom renovation contractors see at the top of list for many homeowners.

Along with it is the addition of separate showers and tubs, vertical spa shower systems, and large, open showers with multiple shower heads as well as tile and glass surrounds.

3. Statement Lighting

Nothing makes a normally dull space look more sophisticated than a prominent chandelier.

Statement lighting, a growing reno idea, has found a new home in the bathroom.

Whether a crystal chandelier or metal fixture that matches the other accents, large hanging centerpiece fixtures immediately transform the look of any bathing space, giving it that country club spa room look.

4. Heated Flooring

Heated floors are one of those creature comforts that can make any bathroom really feel like a spa.

Easily added during a bathroom reno that includes new flooring, it is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add warmth to the room and keep the chill away during early morning routines or evening tub soaking.

5. Brass, Gold, and Wood

Metal accents and fixtures are back in style, especially in gold-tone or brass.

From sinks and drawer pulls to tub and shower fixtures, bright gold or softer brass are the metals of choice these days when going for a vintage style and décor or even combining with modern components.

Alternately, wood and wood accents have also made a comeback in many bathroom reno ideas.

Wood edging, cabinetry, and vanity units as well as tops are becoming popular, alone or in combination with black furnishings and fixtures.

6. Industrial Style

Industrial style remodels are another popular idea often requested of bathroom renovation companies by those looking for a unique appearance in modern styled spaces.

Black metal fixtures and trims, wood or black vanities, and white porcelain sinks and tubs combine to create an appealing old-fashioned factory look that is rugged, yet stylish.

7. Technology

Amidst all the form and function, another growing trend in bathroom renos is creating efficient spaces run by fun technology, all designed to increase comfort while conserving energy.

Smart toilets and mirrors, voice and touch-controlled components, automatic sinks, Bluetooth audio, and wall-mounted TVs are only some of the latest techy trends for creating an incredible home spa.

Which Trendy Bathroom Reno Ideas Appeal to You?

Doing a full bathroom remodel is a big step in improving any home and making it more useful and comfortable.

Before starting the project, research the many style, color, and component renovation ideas available to find one that is just your style.

If you need help deciding, contact a local bathroom renovation company to plan how to achieve an incredible bathroom makeover!

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