Old, outdated kitchens in need of remodeling leave a lot for a homeowner to desire.

A kitchen reno is a great way to give any home a fresh look while making working in that space more pleasurable; however, what can be done to improve the look of your older, archaic kitchen?

Consider these creative ideas ranging from simple to significant that kitchen renovation contractors use to transform old kitchens into trendy new ones before your eyes!

1. Change the Hardware

One of the easiest little kitchen remodeling tips to do that can make a visible difference is replacing existing hardware and metals with new ones.

Trends in the metals used in cooking areas change frequently.

By replacing outdated hinges, latches, and drawer pulls with whatever is currently in style, it is possible to make older cabinets and components look a little fresher to get more life out of them.

2. Paint The Cabinetry

Another idea that kitchen renovation contractors use when swapping out the cabinetry entirely is not possible is to paint it.

A well-done paint job in a popular color can hide age and make cabinets look more stylish than before.

Painting requires a bit of skill; however, it is an affordable option to avoid getting all new cabinets.

3. Lighting and Decorations

Replacing the light fixture and adding additional lighting is a kitchen reno idea that can really brighten up a space and change its entire look.

For a great kitchen remodel, onsider installing track lighting, recessed lighting, and stylish hanging fixtures.

Adding some decorations like plants, bowls, baskets, cookbooks, decorative dishware plus silverware, and similar items around the space and on top of cabinets also adds character.

4. Install New Countertops

Countertops are one more component that goes out of style every so often yet can make a huge difference in a kitchen renovation.

Updated countertops in popular materials and colors can breathe new life into older cabinets, especially if they will get fresh paint, too.

High-quality countertops replacing old, worn, low-quality ones are yet one more affordable change that can take you one step closer to having a brand new kitchen.

5. Remove Upper Cabinetry

A growing trend that kitchen renovation contractors see more homeowners following is opening up these workspaces by removing the upper cabinetry and replacing it with shelves instead.

With less on the wall and dishes and glassware on display, kitchens take on a homey, utilitarian look while reducing that cramped, closed-in feeling common with some smaller rooms. 

6. Replace the Flooring

If your kitchen has old linoleum or other cheap floorings, upgrading to hardwood, laminate, or some other type of premium flooring is another kitchen reno option that can change the whole look of a room by itself.

Rip up the old stuff, pick a complementary shade that goes with the color of the cabinetry as well as appliances, and have a new floor installed in as little as a single day.

7. Open Up the Floorplan

When you want to go all out and completely redo everything to turn a kitchen into a totally brand new space, start by opening the floor plan in whatever way possible.

That could mean taking down walls, removing and redesigning old cabinets, changing where the appliances are located, and more.

An open floorplan gives the option to make better use of the whole space and even add things like an island or breakfast bar with seating and bigger workspaces.

Renew Old Kitchens With A Budget-Friendly Remodel

When buying a new house is not in the cards, improve the looks and function of yours with a great kitchen remodel.

Using the ideas mentioned here, kitchen renovation contractors can turn old, out-of-date kitchens into amazing, new spaces where cooking is a joy.

Whether the changes are to simply improve what is already there or involve an extensive total redesign, a kitchen reno is a change that will brighten up your home!

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