A common complaint expressed by many homeowners seeking kitchen renovations is that their kitchen is too small.

A bigger kitchen would be nice, but sometimes there is just not enough space available to do a kitchen reno that involves knocking out walls and spreading things out.

If your kitchen is lacking efficient, workable space, here are some great ideas for reinventing it with the help of a skilled kitchen renovation service.

With the right components and colors, even a tiny kitchen can look and feel much bigger than it really is!

1. Add More Lighting

When it comes to “creating” more space where there isn’t any, lighting is everything.

More lighting is one key for every small kitchen reno that can really make a smaller space look larger by brightening the place up.

Besides switching out old lighting for newer, more stylish fixtures, try adding pendant or recessed lighting above all countertops, workspaces, and anywhere else there are shadows and darker spots.

2. Use That Wall Space

If there is space above your countertops, cabinets, or appliances, use it.

Install shelves, magnetic strips, pot hangers, and glassware racks as a part of your kitchen renovation and anything else that can provide some sort of storage while adding to the appearance of the space.

When you expand upward and make full use of the walls, you can get things off the counters or arrange cabinets more efficiently for easier access to everything inside.

High shelves also make great places to display some decorative dishware.

3. Downsize Or Integrate Appliances

When the kitchen is extra-small or you just need more space and there is no other option, it is always possible to create some by handling the appliances differently.

Kitchen renovation services can install apartment-sized appliances in exceptionally small areas to open up another foot or two of workable counter and cabinet space or the appliances can be integrated into the cabinetry.

4. Install Shallower Cabinets

If the issue is a lack of floor space to move around in, an easy kitchen reno that can help would be to replace deep cabinets with shallower ones, and a narrower countertop.

This can be especially useful in a narrow galley kitchen, where using shallower cabinets on both sides could open up as much as a foot of space between the sides.

The under-cabinet storage space may not even be missed when adding shelving and other wall storage options.

5. Make A Space For Everything

Another detail that can really change the look of a smaller space is to plan a kitchen renovation that provides an enclosed space, a shelf, or some other storage option for everything so there is nothing left out on the counters.

Clear, open countertops make any space look bigger and easier to work in.

6. Build A Multi-Functional Island

Kitchen islands, when well-planned by a creative kitchen renovation service, are one of the most important and space-saving components to have in any kitchen if there is enough space for one.

An island does not have to be square to serve many purposes.

Smaller, rectangular islands or islands built to fit whatever space is available can be equally as impressive, offering cabinet space on one side, seating on the other, and a large, open workspace.

7. Use A Pop Of Color

Light colors open up more space visually and that does not mean a small kitchen needs to be all white.

An effective kitchen renovation idea is to use more subdued colors for the kitchen, then highlight with a pop of bright color, be it with a red refrigerator, a bright blue island or storage cabinet, or even matching small appliances like decorator edition mixers.

Colorful tile backsplashes, multicolored plates and bowls displayed above, and other accents can also help to turn small kitchens into fun and exciting spaces.

Ready To Grow That Small Kitchen?

When you just can’t make your kitchen any bigger physically, a kitchen renovation service can expand that space in other creative ways.

A great kitchen reno can turn a small, cramped space into much more than you might believe!

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