Kitchen renovation trends change every few years as new products, new color palettes, and new needs arise over time and 2021 is no different.

The big difference between today’s kitchen reno ideas and those of the past is the way we are using our kitchens these days.

With more people now working from home and a focus on cleanliness, latest trends that kitchen reno services are seeing center around increased demand for bigger, cleaner, and more useful kitchens.

Whether working from home or just want a beautiful new kitchen, take a peek at these popular new renovation trends!

Multi-Functional Kitchen Islands

Bigger, better kitchen islands are now one of the top trends in kitchen renos.

Whether remodeling an existing island or putting in a new one, make it big and useful so it will serve many purposes!

A great kitchen island should work not only as a cooking space but also as a dining area for at least four people that can be convenient at mealtimes as well as be large and comfortable enough to use as a regular workspace.

The bigger the island is, the more under-counter space it offers for cabinetry, appliances, or other uses.

Convenient Touchless Faucets

Staying healthy and reducing the spread of germs has never been as important as it is in 2021.

With that in mind, convenient no-touch faucets have made it to the top of many kitchen reno idea lists.

Easy to install, whether as a DIY effort or by calling a kitchen reno service to do it, touchless faucets in the kitchen make sense for safe food prep, personal hygiene, and reducing the spread of microorganisms in the busiest room in the house.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Storage is another focus of current kitchen renovation trends as use of the kitchen is increasing for many people.

A more active kitchen requires more storage in various forms.

More well-designed and organized cabinet space is a must as is a larger refrigerator and freezer to cater to more home cooking.

Additional kitchen reno ideas that increase storage space include walk-in pantries, slide-out lower cabinets to improve accessibility, and specific storage locations for small kitchen appliances getting more use like Instant Pots, fryers, mixers, and more.

Warm Color Palettes

Adding some warmth to stark white kitchens is another trend that kitchen reno services are seeing high on the remodeling list.

Introducing softer, warmer colors like pale blues, greens, reds and yellow on the walls can give boring kitchens new personality.

Another way to add color to create a warmer, more inviting space is by painting the cabinets, changing the flooring, and creating a cozy kitchen color scheme.

Great New Trends For Kitchen Renos in 2021

When the time comes for that kitchen renovation of your dreams, plan out the design well so it caters to the way your kitchen gets used.

An experienced kitchen reno service can help to do that so the results are a spacious, trendy kitchen that will be a pleasure to work in.

Great kitchen reno ideas like these are the perfect way to transform an average house into a comfortable, useful, and stylish home!

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