A master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom is a wonderful luxury to add to any home.

Whether you already have ;a private bathroom space that needs a remodel or want to add one where there is none, good planning and design are essential to make an ensuite bathroom work.

Consider these bathroom remodel ideas to figure out where and how to install an adjoining bathroom.

Then find a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor who can share your vision!

1. Making Space For An Ensuite Bathroom

There are two ways to add an ensuite bathroom remodel into a home.

  • Use existing space in a very large master bedroom.
  • Use adjoining space.

An adjoining closet or smaller bedroom is an ideal space for remodeling contractors to extend out in order to create a large, luxurious ensuite.

If that is not available but there is enough room to spare in an oversized master bedroom and especially if a smaller master bathroom already exists, expanding into the bedroom space could be a viable option.

There will be less space in the bedroom itself; however, that could work out fine considering the conveniences and comforts a full ensuite bathroom offers.

2. What Are The Must-Haves?

While considering where to put an ensuite bathroom, think about the must-haves for your bathroom remodel idea, as this detail will directly affect or be affected by the amount of space that must be carved out to do it.

What must-haves are on your list?

  • An open shower area and single vanity, especially if you have a smaller space to work with.
  • The total package with a separate soaking tub or some other fixture or even specialty designer tile.

Whatever the inclusions must be, decide on them ahead of time because most of the designing and planning depends on that.

3. Ventilation Is Critical

Ventilation is critical in any home space area where moisture and odors exist.

This makes bathrooms and kitchens highly important spaces to have adequate ventilation, especially if that bathroom is in or close to a bedroom.

Not only is the obvious reason of odors the concern, but moisture that promotes mold and mildew can affect air quality.

Breathing in odors or mold spores all night is not ideal, so be sure the bathroom remodeling project includes a focus on ventilation to keep the atmosphere in the ensuite pleasant and healthy.

4. Use Lighting And Glass

One of the best design features that can really turn a plain old bathroom into an inviting ensuite is light.

When considering bathroom remodeling ideas, add more natural lighting as well as useful and attractive fixtures to make the space bright and cheerful.

Get the most effect from all that lighting with more glass in the space:

  • Clear or etched glass shower doors and enclosures.
  • Light fixtures.
  • Other similar glass elements.

These add to the openness and stylishness of the space, making it seem bigger and less enclosed.

5. Make It Luxurious

When making the decision to invest in an ensuite bathroom, make it the luxurious and special space you want it to be.

Talk with a bathroom remodeler about ways to make the bathroom look and feel like a personal spa using decorative tile, heated flooring, separate bath and shower, oversized showers, entertainment, and more.

Ready To Start That Ensuite Bathroom Remodel?

Remodeling a bathroom can be exciting and fun.

If you have come up with a remodeling idea like adding a beautiful ensuite, use these five tips to guide your thoughts.

A qualified local bathroom remodeling contractor can help create a workable plan within your budget, then see it to reality!

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