Double basin vanities are a common request that many bathroom remodelers get when planning out an update with a homeowner.

Should every bathroom remodel get this upgrade?

Yes, putting in 2 sinks versus one does add to the cost of bathroom remodeling, but it might be worth it; however, for some the opposite holds true.

These tips make the decision easier!

The Case For Keeping One Sink

There has been one sink all this time and it has serviced the family well, does a second one really need to be added to a bathroom remodeling plan?

Here are a few thoughts on keeping the one sink that has graced most bathrooms for eons, long before the luxury of the double basin really took off:

  • Easier to Keep Clean - One sink, one mess. It is easier to keep a single sink, faucet, and vanity clean.
  • Bigger Vanity Space - By keeping with one sink in a bathroom remodel, it is possible to retain all current vanity space or even expand it by installing longer counters if there is room.
  • More Space for Other Things - Another detail that bathroom remodelers will point out before going to the double basin update is that it leaves space for adding other, more important elements to a new bathroom. Since many bathrooms lack enough space as it is, a double sink might not promote the best use of what space is there.
  • Money Savings - Adding a second sink will increase the cost of the remodel. Though the difference might not be that significant, it can add up if remodeling on a tight budget.

When One Sink Just Is Not Enough

Alternately, if there has been one sink all this time and it has become an annoying headache or it is simply wanting to spread out more, maybe adding that double sink to a bathroom remodeling plan is a priority.

These are some considerations that support upgrading to two sinks:

  • More Vanity Space - One sink in a master bathroom can sometimes be a challenge for two busy people or those with a lot of items to keep in there. A second sink included in a bathroom remodel not only adds additional vanity space around the sinks, it can also include more storage space so each person’s items can be stored separately.
  • More Personal Space - With different schedules, habits, and items comes a greater need for more personal space. Two sinks mean two personal spaces and not having to share someone else’s sloppiness at the wash station.
  • Got Kids? - Double sinks in the kids’ bathroom can also be helpful at wash time so there is no waiting and no fighting!
  • More Efficient Use of Space - Occasionally, a bathroom has too much space and seems sterile or the space is being poorly utilized. With a more efficient floor plan designed by experienced bathroom remodelers, a two-sink vanity can really tie the space together in a more attractive way.
  • Higher Resale Value - Some contractors report that homes in their work area that have bathrooms with double sinks can fetch a higher price. It is an option that most people want but would not immediately invest in unless a whole new bathroom remodel is planned. Buying with that already done is a bonus!

One or Two Sinks - Which One Is Best?

There are many reasons to love to add a second sink to a bathroom; however, there are reasons why it might not be that important.

When planning out a redesign with a bathroom remodeler, keep these ideas in mind.

Discuss space, layout, and cost to get some ideas as to whether bathroom remodeling including a second sink is in the cards or if sticking with one is a better option.

In either case, a new bathroom will surely be a welcome improvement, one sink or two!

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