So, finally doing that bathroom remodel that's been wanting for years and the contractors will be starting in a few weeks?

Put any thought into how to survive without the use of your main bathroom while it happens?

It is one detail that many people forget to plan for in all the bathroom remodeling excitement, as simple as it might seem.

Between the inconvenience, lack of privacy, dirt, and noise once the remodeling service starts the work, here are a few ideas that can help get through it all more easily!

1. Get A Time Estimate - and Expect Delays

From the start, get a time estimate for completion from the bathroom remodeling service, as this will affect other planning.

Whatever that timeframe is, a good recommendation is to add more time to it.

Bathroom remodeling projects sometimes encounter delays, whether due to supply issues, permit delays, or unexpected surprises in the job itself.

Planning so these kinds of delays can be handled without much of a hassle will make the time easier to survive in the long run.

A job finished on time or even early would be a wonderful surprise if homeowners are prepared for it to take longer!

2. Plan For No Bathroom Access For The Duration

Obviously, the space that is undergoing a bathroom remodel will be inaccessible the whole time, so plan for this especially if it is the master bathroom.

Empty the bathroom of all personal items and move them to that second bathroom.

If there is no second full bath, make other plans for bathing and showering while the main bathroom is torn up and undergoing renovation.

Whether that includes showering at a friend’s or relative’s house, making good use of a gym membership, or some other arrangement, go into a bathroom remodeling project knowing that you will not have use of that room until it is completely finished.

3. How About A Little Vacation?

Having bathroom remodeling services in any home for days ;or even weeks will be messy and noisy.

It will be extremely inconvenient not having the use of that bathroom and there will be no privacy during daytime working hours.

If this is going to be a big problem for your family, getting away for a few days is a great option.

Staying with nearby family for a little while might be the perfect option in order to check in and keep track of the work while also avoiding all the mess and inconvenience.

You could also take a vacation and return home to a beautiful, finished bathroom.

4. Keep Up The Communication

Above all, stay in communication with the contractor, foreman, or whichever person is in charge of the bathroom remodel to stay ‘in the loop.’

They can provide updates on any problems they encounter, timeframe projections for completing the project, and everything else you should know about what is happening.

Staying accessible and informed but not actually getting in the way will help the process move along to a more rapid completion. 

Ready To Get Started?

The bathroom remodeling process can be annoying and inconvenient for homeowners anxiously awaiting the day they can have their homes back and enjoy their great new bathrooms.

Yet a few days or weeks of inconvenience while that bathroom remodel is done is always well worth the wait.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help plan for when the selected p;bathroom remodeling service shows up.

A little advance thought and preparation will go a long way toward making this process less inconvenient.

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