If you are raising a family, a bathroom redesign that turns an average, tired-looking bathroom into a fun and efficient space that is perfect for kids can be an amazing idea for your home.

Bathroom remodeling is not just for master baths, so why not create a colorful room that is easier and safer for the younger, smaller people using it?

Check out these kids’ bathroom renovation ideas and turn an average-looking bathroom into one that will make bath time easier and more fun for kids throughout their teenhood!

1. Safety First

Start any bathroom redesign plan by first thinking about safety, especially when designing for younger children.

Durable, moisture-proof flooring is a must, but it should have some texture so it is non-slip as well.

Thermostatically controlled faucets keep small children from burning themselves with too-hot water and faucet covers prevent injuries while in the bathtub.

Soft-close toilet seats and lids can prevent pinched fingers.

2. Use Fun Colors And Patterns

The colors and patterns that inspire and positively affect children can be much different than those that we enjoy most.

Whether using primary or favorite colors for a kid’s bathroom renovation, think in terms of creating a bright, happy space that your children will enjoy simply based on its color scheme.

Get creative with bathroom remodeling by using a themed palette or even adding colorful tiles and paint to mimic elements in nature like fish scales, forests, or a sky full of soft, fluffy clouds.

3. Keep Things Efficient and Convenient

Recognize that convenience and efficiency are more important than luxury when doing a bathroom redesign for children.

Include features that work for your kids including a shower and bathtub, lower height vanities and sinks, storage cubbies, hampers, wall hooks, and even a comfortable bench seating area for dressing or a baby changing station.

4. Choose Easily Maintained Components

As any parent surely knows, kids can be messy, especially in the bathroom.

Plan a bathroom renovation that takes this into account by choosing seamless countertops and smooth, non-porous porcelain or ceramic tiles that do not require periodic sealing.

Install deeper sinks to better contain splashes and use hanging baskets in the shower or tub to hold wet toys and bathing supplies as they dry out.

Water-resistant, stain-free paint is another good choice for a kid’s bathroom for wipe-clean ease.

Floating cabinets are both stylish and helpful for keeping the floor cleaner.

5. Choose A Design That Can Grow As The Kids Do

If there is any concern that a bathroom remodel will become outgrown too quickly for the money invested, spend extra time working with an experienced contractor to come up with an idea that can mature with the kids.

Focus on more versatile walls and floors with drapes, shower curtains, linens, and other items that can be changed over time to adjust the theme and color palette.

Use components that fit a variety of decor styles and design by thinking ahead to ways of turning a kid’s space into a teen’s space, then back to a standard home bathroom when the kids are grown.

Make Bath Time More Fun With A Kids Bathroom Redesign

The best part about doing a master bathroom redesign is adding in the things that can make that space more comfortable and useful.

That plan does not have to stop in the master bedroom - bathroom remodeling for kids can make cleanup easier, safer, and more fun in a bright, attractive space.

Working with a great contractor, you can even achieve a kid’s bathroom renovation that will stand the test of time and grow with them, too!

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