Over the past year, people’s lives and how they utilize their homes have changed dramatically.

Bathroom makeovers have quickly become one of the most sought-after renos for 2021 as homeowners strive to make their homes more luxurious, useful, and comfortable when spending increasing time there.

If you are looking for some creative ideas for your own bathroom redesign, here are a few that are sure to inspire.

1. Tile - Tile - Tile

It seems our love for tile never fades, as homeowners are using as much tile as they can in their beautiful bathroom remodeling ideas.

For more minimalist designs, large format tiles in lighter colors are very popular.

In bathroom redesigns with more traditional looks, smaller patterned tiles or decorative tiles that create their own design like herringbone or fish scale are other options.

Tile shape is also becoming a design feature, with hexagon and octagon tiles another popular choice as are larger wood-look tiles that install to look like beautiful wall paintings.

Artistic use of tiles is where it’s at this year!

2. Floating Vanities

Vanities that install onto the wall and seem to float off the floor look great in minimalist bathroom makeover design and make keeping the room clean easier, too.

Without a pedestal that reaches the floor, it is easier to keep the floor clean without the need to scrub in joints and corners.

Available in smaller sizes that contain just the countertop and sink or deeper sizes with entire storage cabinets, floating components give a whole new look to any bathroom.

3. Art Deco

Where styles are concerned, art deco is making a comeback, this time in bathroom remodeling.

Gold-tone, silver, or black metals look great in softer, rounded styles or blocky, geometric styles that mimic the days of the golden age.

Combining art deco styles with other ideas like floating vanities, bathroom lighting, Crittall-look window frames, and backlit mirrors can achieve the look even better.

4. Fancy Florals

Busy, traditional-looking florals are also making a comeback.

Dark wallpapers with intricate floral designs used as focal walls are a great bathroom makeover idea as are floral design tiles.

All-over florals on lighter wallpapers are another popular choice for turning a beautiful classic bathroom into a tropical spa paradise.

5. Hybrid Floors

Another popular bathroom remodeling feature that many homeowners are choosing today is a hybrid floor that is half tile and half wood.

Shower and bath areas done with wooden flooring resembling sauna flooring mix well with tile throughout the rest of the space, giving the feeling of stepping into a personal spa when going into that tub or shower.

6. Swag Drapes

Swag drapes or drapes that are set higher than the window frame and hang bunched on the floor below it are also making a comeback.

These dramatic window treatments can really look beautiful in a more traditional styled bathroom redesign, especially combined with some kind of floral wall treatment.

Used in a bathroom with good ventilation, swags can be used with success.

7. Cocoon Rooms

With many people spending so much time in their homes these days working remotely, homeschooling kids, and more, the desire to create a place within the home as an escape has been the driving force behind cocoon room bathroom makeovers.

These home comfort rooms with all the amenities provide the full spa experience, including massaging showers, spa soaking tubs, music and TV, heated flooring, fixtures and decor to suit the homeowner’s personal style and senses, and whatever other features each homeowner wishes to include in this personal comfort zone away from the ‘real life’ happening in the rest of the house.

Plan A Great Bathroom Redesign In 2021

If the time has come to do a bathroom redesign in your home, there are countless ideas to consider while working up your plan.

Contact an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor to discuss your wants and needs and they will help you design the perfect bathroom space for both your home and lifestyle!

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