A common want of many homeowners is an attractive, luxurious master bathroom.

If you are considering a master bathroom makeover but have limited space to work with, you may be wondering how to even go about it.

Enlisting the help of skilled bathroom redesign services, it is possible to turn an average master bath or even some extra space in the bedroom into an incredible home spa or new ensuite bathroom.

Consider these bathroom remodeling planning tips, then reach out to a qualified local contractor to help you make your ideas a reality!

1. Analyze Available Space

Before even considering things like fixtures, flooring, and colors, a bathroom makeover begins by assessing the available space.

Whether that is the space within an existing master bathroom or you will be taking space from a large bedroom and turning it into a master bath, the size and shape of the space must be confirmed before anything else can happen.

With that knowledge, you can then plan and complete the perfect bathroom remodel with an experienced contractor.

2. Bath, Shower, or Both?

Depending on your wants and the amount of space there is to work with, figure out whether to install a bath, a shower, or both if there is enough room.

Plan with a bathroom redesign service how and where to include these two elements, then continue the planning from there.

Bath and shower location may be dictated by different physical attributes of the home and the ease of getting the plumbing where it needs to go for these components.

3. Get Creative With Layout

The best way to get more of what you want in a master bathroom makeover is to get creative with the layout.

This could mean a smaller or uniquely shaped bathtub, turning an unused corner into a shower is possible, creating a layout around existing windows, and much more.

Try different floor plans and ideas so you can fit as much as possible into the space.

The more creative the ideas, the more efficient the use of that space can be.

4. Choose Fixtures to Match the Space

While considering layout and the space available to work with, keep the idea of fixture types and styles in the back of the mind.

A successful bathroom remodeling project must also include sinks, cabinets, and other fixtures that fit both the space and the chosen style in order for the whole plan to look cohesive.

Much of this may also be dictated by the options chosen for the bath and/or shower and any space limitations present so that everything can be tied together.

A bathroom remodeling service can make wonderful suggestions on fixtures and components available to fit any room size, shape, and style to complete your look.

5. Incorporate Innovative Storage Ideas

The one thing that every bathroom makeover project should incorporate is plenty of storage to keep it looking clean and clutter-free.

Consider elements that contain storage, such as floor-standing or floating vanity cabinets, opening mirror cabinets, built-in shelving and storage components, and adding shelving to barren walls.

If there is enough space, separate storage components like armoires and hutches can look and function well in a beautiful master bath, too.

Get Inspired For A Stunning Master Bathroom Makeover!

Whether you are starting from scratch and sectioning off a part of a larger space or reworking an existing space, good planning is essential when doing bathroom remodeling.

Creativity and partnering with an experienced bathroom redesign service are the best solutions for designing the most useful, comfortable, and pleasing space!

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