So you have finally decided to go ahead with the bathroom makeover of your dreams - now what?

There are many steps to completing a substantial project with a bathroom makeover contractor, so it is a good idea to understand the process ahead of time.

Keep these steps in mind while deciding on how and when to start the project and which bathroom makeover company to work with so there are no surprises along the way!

1. The Planning Stage

Before any bathroom makeover can start, there is a lot of planning that must first happen.

While browsing through books and design idea catalogs, find a local bathroom makeover contractor who can complete the project.

Then come up together with a final budget, schedule, and design for the work to be performed so that everything happens according to an agreed-upon plan.

2. Materials Sourcing and Demolition

The next critical step that should happen prior to starting any work is materials sourcing so that all supplies and components required for the planned job are purchased and available so that if sourcing becomes a problem, the design can be adjusted as necessary.

Once the bathroom makeover company has sourced the materials, they will then start the demolition phase of removing old fixtures, walls, and other elements in preparation for modification.

3. Rerouting and Inspections

If the remodeling plan involves the rerouting of any plumbing or electrical wiring, this will be completed before anything else.

Once rerouting is finished, the work must then be signed off by local inspectors so the remodeling can continue.

4. Installing New Walls and Floors

With the plumbing and wiring approved, the next step in the contractor's bathroom makeover process is putting up any new walls and trim, then installing the new floor.

Tiling and any painting is done now to take care of the messy parts before any fixtures are put in.

Floors always go in after walls so there is less of a chance of damaging them during the remodel.

5. Installing New Fixtures and Furnishings

After the walls and floors are complete, the room will receive a good cleaning in preparation for the last two steps.

Then the contractor will install new bathroom fixtures like tubs, toilets, lighting, and faucets as well as new cabinetry, benches, and other furnishings.

6. Doing the Final Decor

Once the makeover company has finished installing all of the fixtures, furnishings, walls and floors, the last step is any additional cosmetic decor.

Mirrors, drapes, blinds, towel bars, and other hardware or decor items are the last items to be installed to finish the new space.

7. Giving It A Final Cleaning

With the makeover complete, the final effort before the new bathroom can be used is to give it another good cleaning.

Wipe everything down to remove dust and dirt from the remodeling process, shine all the fixtures to remove residue and fingerprints, then clean the mirrors, windows, and floors.

Your new bathroom is now ready!

Get A Great Bathroom Makeover In 7 Simple Steps

Starting a remodeling project with a makeover contractor can be exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking if you are constantly wondering what will happen next and when the job will be finished.

With good planning and this explanation of how a bathroom makeover company will progress through the project, it is possible to understand the how and why of these different steps while awaiting the completion of your new bathroom!

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