When designing a beautiful new bathroom with a bathroom remodel service, keep in mind that there is more to these spaces than just the fixtures and other components.

A statement art feature or some other type of wall decor included in your bathroom remodel can really turn your bathroom from boring to beautiful, from typical to unique.

As you develop a plan with a remodeling contractor, consider some of these fun and attractive ways to include wall art that go beyond the basics of just hanging a cute print or using an oversized mirror to create an attractive, luxurious bathroom!

1. Add A Shelf

A large shelf spanning across a long wall is a great way to add interest to any bathroom remodel and give character to the space.

The shelf can be used to prop a series of art prints, colored glass bottles, baskets, or other decor items to match the theme and feel you want.

2. Hang A Photo Panel

Photo panels are large art images, landscapes, or other backgrounds that cover an entire wall or become the focal point for that wall.

When working out the design of your new space with a bathroom remodel service, discuss where a photo panel can be installed to gain the most impact, whether it is behind a pedestal bathtub, over a bare wall, or elsewhere.

3. Decorative Wall Scones

Wall scones take lighting and decor to a new level, as they are a combination of both!

A few scones that match the decor style can easily be used as supplemental lighting to illuminate dark corners.

Even better, a bathroom remodeling service can install scones in a grouping as a feature decorative wall installation.

4. Wall Cubbies and Ladder Frames

Similar to the shelf idea, either single or a unit of boxy wall cubbies can create an artsy type of wall bathroom remodel feature to take up empty space and add character.

Made from wood, laminate, or some other material to match the existing cabinetry, cubbies offer attractive storage for small items and decor pieces.

Ladder frames used in the same manner can turn a series of personal photos or smaller art prints into a whole wall piece.

5. Tile Art Walls

Art tile is yet another impressive means of including wall art that some skilled bathroom remodel services use to turn an entire wall into a work of art.

Available in endless patterns and even landscape imagery, these tiles go beyond the idea of adornment and trim and can become a gorgeous backsplash image behind a tub, shower surround wall, or even an entire feature wall to create a whole mood.

6. Oversized Art Prints

One of the simplest and most affordable ways for a remodeling service to transform a room while still making a statement is with an oversized art print to fill up an empty wall.

Whether depicting a landscape, seascape, florals, or even a pattern, oversized paintings and prints make the perfect durable and appealing wall art in a bathroom environment.

7. Vinyl Decals

When the desire is to keep the room decor more subdued and minimalist or to accompany certain decor styles like rustic or even industrial, vinyl decals depicting quotes in appealing typefaces will never be a wrong choice.

Wall Art Adds Personality and Style to Bathroom Remodels

To come away with a comfortable and stylish space, the planning of a renovation with a bathroom remodeling service should go beyond just fixtures and include decor choices like wall art.

No matter the style of your bathroom remodel, there are plenty of creative ways to turn blank walls into art installations that transform the room.

Work with a bathroom remodel service that has experience designing in different styles and knows how to properly include any type of wall art and accents that will yield the dream bathroom you have always wanted!

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