Attractive and useful kitchen remodeling should always focus on the people using that space and how it can be made more efficient and comfortable for them.

When the kitchen is used by families with kids, safety and other factors should take precedence in any kitchen remodels over just stylishness.

With some creativity and consultation with experienced remodeling contractors, any family can enjoy a brand new kitchen that is both beautiful and kid-friendly to serve all purposes!

Kitchen Remodeling With Kid Safety In Mind

Whether they are helping out at mealtime or simply grabbing a snack, kids in the house mean added kitchen safety is a necessity.

As a result, kitchen remodeling done in homes with children should include design improvements that make this space safer for everyone, especially smaller family members:

  • Shelving Height - Shelves and cabinetry that are out of reach for smaller children may seem obvious, but including some that are reachable is important, too. As kids grow and start to do more in the kitchen, keeping certain items where they can safely access them is just as important as keeping other items completely out of reach.
  • Appliance Safety - Choose taller stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and other appliances that lock as well as wider countertops to keep small appliances further back and out of reach. When having larger appliances installed, have the remodeling contractor make them tip-proof to prevent serious accidents.
  • Cabinet Safety - Think into the future to tackle cabinet safety with a stylish kitchen remodel that can grow with your kids. Cabinets that lock or start out with non-accessible pulls and knobs can easily be upgraded with more decorative hardware once drawer and door safety is no longer a concern.
  • Flooring Options - Kids tend to fall down, especially on slippery flooring. Fortunately, there are a number of non-slip flooring options like textured tile and laminate, and even premium vinyl products that can help while still looking great.

Adding In Utility For The Whole Family

To make a kitchen more useful for the whole family, consider a more open kitchen remodel that makes it easier to keep an eye on small children while working from the different kitchen stations.

Alternately, kitchens with larger center islands designed to function as both dining spaces and workspaces for kids or those with space to set up play areas or separate workspaces are also good choices.

Kids can play, do homework, or even do crafts in close proximity while also being out of the way of food prep, cleaning, or other kitchen activities.

Opt For Kid-Proof Durability

Beyond appearance, utility, and safety, don’t forget to take durability into mind when doing kitchen remodeling.

Scratches and stains are the most common concerns when designing a kid-friendly kitchen.

Let your kitchen remodeling contractor help you choose highly scuff and stain-resistant counters, cabinets, and other elements so that keeping things clean and looking new is easy.

Get A Kitchen Remodel The Whole Family Can Enjoy

For most families, the kitchen is the most widely used room in the whole house.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel and have kids, make safety, utility, and durability a part of your planning.

Kitchen remodeling that can serve the whole family makes for a more comfortable and useful home.

A remodeling contractor who has experience remodeling family homes with ideas and products that work for adults and kids alike is a great partner to work with when creating the family kitchen of your dreams!

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