Would it surprise you to learn that kitchen remodeling can cost as much as buying a new car?

Just as you would take care of a new car to keep it looking showroom new, it should not be surprising to consider that the work of a kitchen remodeler should be cared for as well.

If you have recently had a new kitchen done or are planning one with a kitchen redesign company, here are a few tips to keep in mind on how to keep your new kitchen looking like new for a long time!

1. Register Any New Appliances

Once the kitchen remodeler has completed the remodeling and that new kitchen is finally yours, the first maintenance task should be to go through all the paperwork that came with new appliances and register them.

Registration of new appliances with the manufacturer after a kitchen remodel:

  • Takes advantage of any warranties on those products,
  • Allows for the receipt of notifications about any recalls or recommended repairs, and
  • Provides current product news from the manufacturer.

If a problem develops, it will be easier to get repairs done by an approved service center or have a replacement sent more quickly because the appliance make and model has already been registered with the manufacturer.

2. Learn How To Properly Maintain Appliances and Components

In terms of the mechanical and physical maintenance of a new kitchen, it is essential to understand how each component, from the cabinets and flooring to the individual appliances, should be taken care of to prolong their looks and service life.

The kitchen redesign company that does the installation will show you the right way to clean and maintain these things according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Cleaning should be performed as often as necessary and done using only the recommended products and processes to prevent destroying specialty finishes.

This is especially important for floors and countertops, some of which can become scratched or stained when cleaned using the wrong products.

3. Set A Few Rules

Properly using a newly remodeled kitchen is an important factor for keeping it looking new and reducing unnecessary wear and tear.

Set some household usage and maintenance rules to protect the floors, countertops, range burners, and other items that can be damaged if used the wrong way.

An extra step or two practiced by the whole family will easily become a regular habit and prevent annoying damage that can gradually reduce the condition of surfaces and appliances.

4. Update Personal Items to Maintain the Look

While having nothing to do with the actual appliances and components installed by a kitchen remodeler, this final suggestion definitely relates to getting all the value out of that new kitchen and allowing it to look as beautiful as it can.

Don’t forget to update personal kitchen items like canisters, linens, dish drainers, cutting boards, and others to match the style and color palette of the new space to keep everything looking cohesive.

Kitchen designers find that when you remember that final little detail, this space can look like a showroom design and help homeowners really enjoy the new workspace.

Keep A New Kitchen Looking Its Best for Years To Come

Investing in a kitchen remodel is a great way to increase the value of your home and add pleasure to the most used room in the house; however, it will not stay looking great on its own.

In order to keep a newly renovated kitchen looking and performing its best, kitchen remodelers recommend following the above important tips.

By registering appliances, learning how to care for and use all the new componentry, and updating personal items, the money spent hiring a kitchen redesign company will be well spent, offering convenience and stylish comfort for years to come!

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