An important part of doing a kitchen remodel is deciding what to do about the sink.

With so many options available for those planning a kitchen remodeling project, it can be a real challenge to decide what new sink is the right one to put in.

Before thinking about style and color, kitchen remodelers recommend first deciding on the main choice - one bowl or two.

As appealing as both can be, homeowners should compare the pros and cons to get a good idea of whether a single or double sink will work best for them.

One Bowl, Two Bowls

As simple as a sink may be, the size of one put in during a kitchen remodel and the number of bowls can be a highly important remodeling decision to make.

A big, functional kitchen sink can make cooking, cleaning, and more than that easier to do, with the wrong sink hindering all of that.

For this reason, kitchen remodeling contractors recommend that homeowners really consider the differences between large single bowl sinks and the equivalent size divided sink, as each can be used in different ways.

Whatever the decision is, both are fortunately available in multiple materials, finishes, and styles to fit any kitchen.

The big choice is simply - one bowl or two?

The Details - Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Big, wide single bowl kitchen sinks like farm sinks are a traditional staple installed by kitchen remodelers as they are larger, highly ;useful, and more attractive than the inexpensive stainless sinks found in many homes.

  • Single-bowl sinks are frequently wider than double-bowl sinks, so they can handle larger items. Washing pots is easier in wider, single-bowl sinks, which can also be used for countless other washing or soaking tasks, even giving the dog a bath.
  • Alternately, they can also be found in smaller sizes, which might be perfect for kitchen remodels that involve smaller spaces and shorter countertops.
  • One single sink can make having a sink disposal less convenient and restrict sink use to one cleaning task at a time.

The Details - Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Big deep double bowl kitchen sinks are another favorite that is often requested by homeowners planning their kitchen remodeling, as they are just as useful, but in a few different ways.

  • Double bowl sinks are nearly as wide or frequently just as wide as single-bowl sinks while being deeper, accommodating larger items in a different way.
  • With the addition of a double-bowl sink as part of a kitchen remodel, it becomes possible to multi-task, such as when soaking dishes on one side while actively washing them on the other or doing food prep over one while stacking dirty dishes in the other to keep the countertop cleaner. One bowl will always be accessible no matter how the second one is being used.
  • Kitchen remodelers adding a double-bowl sink can easily install a disposal connected to one bowl, which is ideal for clean and easy disposal use even while the other bowl is being used to soak or stack dirty dishes.

Which Sink Style Works Best?

Though single bowl and double bowl sinks are both large and both useful, homeowners planning a kitchen remodel should consider how they are more likely to use their big sink.

If the convenience of multi-tasking is more important, a double bowl, deep sink installed by remodelers is likely the best choice.

When having a wider, larger space that can handle larger, longer items is ideal, the bigger single bowl sink prevails.

Can’t decide?

Talk to a kitchen remodeling service that can provide some options in both styles to ensure clients make the decision that is right for them!

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