From big homebuilding companies to small redesign contractors, each of these businesses has both designers and builders on their work teams that allow them to create exciting and appealing projects for different clients.

That even goes for remodeling services that handle end-to-end redesigns for clients of all kinds.

Using a design-build approach, redesign companies can find creative ways to design what their clients want and produce it in successful and cost-effective ways through collaboration!

What Is Design-Build Construction?

Design-build construction is when both the home designer or redesign contractor and the builder are both from the same contracting company and work together on the same project.

It requires home building and redesign companies to have both specialists on their construction team as opposed to bringing in outside designers to create plans from which their builders will do the work.

How Is Design-Build Used In Home Remodeling?

While the design-build approach is used mainly in home and building design and construction, it is also used by contractors who specialize in home remodeling and redesign.

Design-build contractors may function as designers to work directly with remodeling customers to capture their vision and create the design for that vision, passing it on to the builders on their team to execute the building process.

What Are Some Advantages of The Design-Build Approach?

As more and more builders and redesign contractors are adopting the design-build approach, the many advantages to this method of serving different customers including those seeking home remodeling are becoming apparent:

  • More Cohesive Planning - When designers and builders work for the same redesign company, getting from the planning stage to the completed project is a much smoother effort because all individuals involved in all processes work for the same company.
  • Faster Project Turnaround Time - With designers and builders working on the same team, communication is smoother and project delivery is faster. This is essential for home remodeling like kitchen and bath redesigns, where every minute longer the project takes becomes added inconvenience for the homeowner.
  • Fewer Issues Due To Communication Problems - Another problem eliminated when working with design-build contractors is the miscommunication caused when independent designers are not in sync with the building contractor actually doing the work and vice-versa.
  • More Cost-Effective - Easier communication, designing with the builders right there, and smoother communication all equate to a faster process, fewer mistakes, and overall a more cost-effective project.
  • Better Customer Results - Lastly, when designers and builders can work together on the same project, whether big or small, the cohesiveness created by bringing these two parts of the process together means the customer gets exactly what they want.

Make Remodeling Dreams Come True

Kitchen and bathroom redesigns may not seem difficult in comparison to whole-house builds, but there are times when they can actually be more challenging than building new.

Using the design-build approach, redesign companies can better serve their clients looking to affordably turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones!

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