If you are improving your home with a new bathroom remodel, are you looking to simply change some colors and update existing fixtures or do you want to try new things to really make your bathroom stand out?

There are some newer trends in bathroom remodeling that can take your space to a whole new level.

Rather than going with the same old thing to update your bathroom, incorporate some of these great bathroom renovation ideas to truly make yours unique!

1. Backlit Mirror and Medicine Cabinet

New mirrors and medicine cabinets are main components that frequently get updated during bathroom remodels.

Backlit types that add warm, ambient lighting to this space are a top choice in 2021.

Backlighting around medicine cabinets and mirrors is very stylish, creating a floating effect that looks unique and can go perfectly with floating vanities and different minimalist design features.

2. Floating Vanity

Like their smaller cousins - floating shelves, floating vanities pair perfectly in master bathroom remodeling with backlit components because of how clean and minimalist they look while also providing important sink, counter, and storage space.

Beyond the appealing look, floating vanities make keeping the bathroom floor clean a breeze since there is no pedestal or cabinet edging to clean around.

3. Quartz Countertops

Due to its many qualities, quartz is one of the best surfaces to use for countertops in a bathroom renovation.

Its non-porousness makes it stain-resistant and easy to keep clean, it cannot harbor bacteria, it is scratch-resistant, and it is available in many styles and colors.

It is even being used to create look-alike products like marble, cement, and wood, all of which make beautiful countertops with the added benefits of quartz.

4. Smart Toilets

With hands-free operations like self-closing lids, touch-free flushing, cling-free bowl surfaces, and bacteria-killing under-lid lighting, smart toilets are a luxury that makes a lot of sense for any bathroom remodel.

Technologically advanced toilets and bidets are yet one more component of a stylish, minimalist, and easy-to-clean bathroom that are making it onto the list for many homeowners redoing their bathrooms.

5. Large Wall Tiles and Wood-Look Floors

Walls and floors are another great investment for getting the most bang for your bathroom renovation buck, with large format tiles becoming a preference over smaller decorative and subway tiles.

They are easier to install, easier to keep clean, and come in a variety of faux and genuine styles to make a great impact.

Wood-look ceramic and concrete flooring is another popular feature, as these humidity and waterproof options are more desirable in the bathroom over real wood.

6. Heated Flooring

Ceramic and concrete flooring may look just as good as wood, but it can be cold.

Another great bathroom remodeling feature that many homeowners choose when upgrading to wood-look floors or even just stylish tile is under-floor heating.

It makes the floor and the entire room more comfortable on chilly mornings, helps in the control of moisture in the room, and is another luxury that no homeowner will want to miss.

Try The Ideas In Bathroom Renovation For A Great Update

From basic cosmetic updates to more substantial replacement of major fixtures, there are countless ways to upgrade your home with a great bathroom renovation.

Ideas like floating vanities, backlit mirrors, and smart toilets are some of the newest master bathroom remodeling trends to consider when planning out yours.

For more great suggestions for your bathroom remodel, contact an experienced remodeling contractor and work some magic to turn an ordinary bathroom into your own personal luxury spa!

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