The two main reasons why people choose to invest in kitchen remodels are to improve the appearance of their kitchens and make them more functional.

What exactly is functional?

An experienced kitchen redesign company can help determine a great way to update any kitchen by addressing it the way kitchen designers did for Mickey D's.

When kitchen remodel services are planned with functionality as the key factor, homeowners get much greater enjoyment from their newly updated kitchen spaces.

What Defines A Functional Kitchen?

A functional kitchen is one where the space is highly useful to those using it in the ways that are desired.

Though many homes start out with kitchens thought to be useful for most people, many opt for a kitchen remodel as a way to improve on the amount of use they can get from that space.

Because functionality cannot be defined generically and is dependent on each person and family’s personal needs, kitchen redesign companies will discuss functionality with each customer to ensure a layout that will actually provide that necessary functionality.

A great way to decide what functionality is important and how to include it within a kitchen design is to approach functionality the way kitchen designers did at Mickey D’s.

How Are Mickey D’s Kitchen Designs Functional?

For Mickey D’s and many other restaurants that have designed their own kitchens using this method, functionality envelops multiple ideas.

At the top of the list of kitchen redesign features to include in their kitchens, the most important are different work stations, efficiency, and cleanliness.

They actually began their development by studying the idea of an assembly line initially used by the Ford Motor Company, then creating a smaller assembly line in a kitchen layout.

With experimentation, they were able to determine how their crews needed to work to be faster yet with less waste and less cleanup involved to design the right commercial kitchen remodel.

Ultimately, what they learned were some of the important elements of quick food preparation that can be simplified based on the kitchen layout.

Using many of these same methods, even homeowners can figure out what functionality they need first in order to develop an effective work layout.

How To Work Functionality Into A Kitchen Remodel

When working with a kitchen redesign company to develop an efficient and functional kitchen workspace, homeowners should take a “form follows function” approach.

Start out by observing how the current kitchen gets used to identify specific work needs and areas, then consider how those tasks and areas can be improved.

Create spaces that build on the assembly line idea according to your needs, with appearance considerations coming only after the functional ones.

Kitchen remodel services have access to everything required to create desired looks once the functionality has first been determined.

Add Efficiency and Functionality Into A Kitchen Remodel

The end goal of every kitchen remodel is always to create a new workspace that is a pleasure to use.

Finding that enjoyment frequently involves more than just updating the appliances, it involves using kitchen remodel services to review the entire room layout and move things around as needed.

When reno ideas involve more than looks alone, work with a professional kitchen redesign company to bring in ideas that will help find the functionality and efficiency desired and wanted in a brand new kitchen!

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