Of all the components upgraded during a kitchen renovation, there is commonly one element that tends to get excluded - the kitchen sink.

Maybe it is just because the sink is not really as visible unless looking right into it or perhaps it is due to not really knowing how to upgrade it, the good news is that there are plenty of ways that redesign contractors can improve on the kitchen sink, too.

If you are planning a makeover of this versatile and busy space, here are just a few of the great sink upgrade ideas that kitchen remodeling services can install in your kitchen!

1. The Classic Farmhouse Sink

Whether the styling is traditional, farmhouse, or even modern, there is a farmhouse-style sink to fit any kitchen renovation plan.

Farmhouse sinks take the idea of keeping the sink as invisible as possible and turn it completely around, as these are an important decor piece in the room, are very visible, and take up the entire front of the counter.

They are also very large and deep, which is great for many uses.

Kitchen renovation contractors find that farmhouse sinks are among the most requested sinks to complete the look of any kitchen makeover.

Available in countless types, they include standard white porcelain to colored ceramic, copper, stone, and even sinks with embossed patterns in the front.

2. Decorative Basin or Under Counter Sinks

Going both above and below the counter level are other ideas for including a unique new kitchen sink in your renovation.

Rectangular raised basin sinks with a top that is higher than the countertop are one option to consider having installed by a remodeling service.

Under-counter sinks that look like they are not even there are another great choice.

Oversized, deep under-counter rectangular sinks are similar to farm sinks in size and shape yet they are totally unseen since the edge is intentionally hidden by the countertop to create a smooth, streamlined look and a more usable counter space.

3. A Bar or Prep Sink

Bar sinks are small square or round sinks that can be installed as accessory sinks along a separate countertop away from where the regular kitchen sink.

Prep sinks are basically the same, but with a sink disposal connected underneath so they can be used for food prep.

Both are a great addition in a kitchen renovation if there are multiple cleaning, food, or drink preparation areas in a larger kitchen to make the space more useful and versatile.

4. Commercial Sinks

Another trend that kitchen reno contractors get requests for is the at-home commercial kitchen that includes lots of stainless steel and sometimes even commercial-grade appliances.

When going all the way with that commercial look in a large kitchen, why not add a large, stainless, kitchen sink too?

This idea is especially great for anyone who loves to cook or may even run a small food-related business in their home.

And for those who don’t, it’s still a unique and stylish look!

Don’t Forget The Kitchen Sink!

When going about a kitchen renovation, one of the most often overlooked yet easily upgraded components is the sink.

Changing the sink offers a lot of room to really change the look of the kitchen, especially when kitchen redesign contractors update the faucets and spray nozzles and add other accessories like slide-over cutting boards as well as in-line drinking water filtration.

So before you skip over updating yours, make sure your kitchen remodeling plan includes everything plus the kitchen sink!

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