Without a doubt, the MVP of any kitchen makeover is a well-designed kitchen island.

Kitchen remodeling that includes an island adds a whole extra workspace to your kitchen, truly making that space the best room in the house.

Consider these center island trends if you are thinking about having a kitchen remodeler build one so that yours will be useful for the entire family!

Kitchen Island Versatility

The best kitchen island is a useful one, not just one that holds up an extra countertop.

When planning your kitchen makeover and adding an island, do think about the many ways that space will likely get used and design accordingly.

For some, that might mean a cooktop and oven across from the sink or an oversized countertop that serves as both a workspace and a place to sit and eat.

Cabinets below can nearly double the storage space in your kitchen, plus shelves and racks on the sides make storing cookbooks, displaying decor, and other items easy.

A well-designed island built by a skilled remodeler can provide ample space for cooking, baking, working from home, crafting, kids doing homework, and much more.

The more creative the design, the more versatile the space will be to cater to everyone in the home in different ways.

Size and Height

While the standard height for a kitchen island is 36 inches, there is no specific reason to make it that high.

Kitchen remodels that include slightly shorter islands are popular for those needing greater ease for working over the space or for letting kids help out in the kitchen.

As for the size, that will depend on how much space you can allow for an island in your kitchen makeover and what you want to be able to use it for.

If you are working with a small space, something as small as a rolling kitchen cart with drawers and racks can function beautifully as an island of sorts, giving you an extra work surface and storage space.

With more room available, the sky's the limit!

A standard square island is nice, but an even larger one gives enough space for multiple uses.

Added Features and Utility

Beyond cabinets and cooktops, there are plenty of other ways to increase the utility of your island by adding specific trendy features to make it more functional.

  • Kitchen remodeling to include larger islands with higher back bar areas or larger rear overhangs are perfect for when workspace and dining areas combine.
  • Wider islands are also great for providing space for kids to do homework or craft projects while still leaving the remainder of the space available for food preparation.
  • If managing children around the kitchen is a priority, shelves along the sides or back to store their things are another great option.
  • A skilled kitchen remodeler can design custom storage spaces around your needs to make the best use of any kitchen island; pull-out pantries, circular storage, sliding drawers and cabinet shelves, wine racks, and pull-out trash and recycling centers are just a few of these ideas.
  • Built-in locking heavy-duty casters can make even a full-size island super versatile if it can be moved aside when necessary.
  • Fold-down countertop leaves and/or fold-in stools are yet another way to make a kitchen island more useful while also conserving space while those features are not in use.
  • L-shaped counters with seating on two sides and workspace features in the center add additional ways to make great use of all that space while getting more people around the kitchen table.

Get Creative With Great Kitchen Islands

The one thing that most homeowners like to include in their big kitchen makeover is a versatile kitchen island.

The best thing about islands is that there are no rules; when you plan with a creative kitchen remodeler, anything goes.

Fabulous features that reflect the way you use your kitchen will make a new island the focal point of an amazing kitchen remodel!

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