The season to do a little splurging is nearly here and for those looking to add some creature comforts to their homes, a bathroom makeover with a fireplace might be the perfect gift!

It might not be a gift you can wrap up and put under your Christmas tree or deliver in a box, but a fireplace installed by bathroom remodelers will certainly make you smile all winter long.

If remodeling your bathroom is on your home improvement list, reach out to a remodeling contractor who can work out the perfect plan to get in everything you want, including that lovely fireplace!

Why Add A Fireplace To A Bathroom Remodel?

The crowning piece of any luxury bathroom makeover is a fireplace to keep the space warm and create an instant atmosphere of relaxation.

Even better is that installing one is not as difficult as it might seem when you hire an experienced bathroom remodel service to do it.

Fireplaces make perfect additions if you are installing a freestanding soaking tub to create a special place to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

A bathroom fireplace can be easily used to chase away that bathroom chill and it can add to the uniqueness and value of your home, too.

After turning on that fireplace in your new bathroom for the first time, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Bathroom Remodeling Fireplace Options

One of the best things about having bathroom remodeling contractors install a fireplace in your new or existing bathroom is the clean, safe options now available:

  • Gas Burning - Gas fireplaces suitable for use in bathroom makeovers are available in vented or vent-free types. These run on natural gas and either vent externally through exhaust vents or through a filter so no ventilation work is required.
  • Electric - Electric fireplaces are the least expensive type and requires no venting at all. They are easy to install, create just as much heat as gas, and are very safe to use, though they obviously will not work if there is no power.

What Does Adding A Bathroom Fireplace Cost?

Whether adding a fireplace to a total renovation that a bathroom remodel contractor is doing or just adding one to an existing space, the cost to include a fireplace is less than most people assume.

A simple electric bathroom fireplace can usually be installed for a few hundred dollars in addition to the cost of the unit itself.

The cost of having a bathroom remodeling service install a gas fireplace will range depending on the cost of the component and whether exhaust ductwork must be installed as well.

Help Santa Arrange That Bathroom Remodel With Fireplace

Santa can do some amazing things when he puts his mind to it, especially when he has a little help!

This Christmas, get the bathroom remodel you have been dreaming of with a luxurious and cozy fireplace by starting the holiday shopping early.

Call a qualified local bathroom remodel contractor and work out a design that will suit your home perfectly.

A flickering, remote-controlled gas or electric fireplace to warm your new bathroom and give it a relaxing ambiance while you soak in the bath is a perfect way to bring in the approaching New Year!

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